Monday, August 2, 2010

The week-end

The weekend pics.
We saw a very young mother Black bear with her brand new cubs....3 of them!  One of the cubs is very vocal - The mother seems to allow them to get into precarious situations too as they were left behind when the Mom went further down the creek alone... with my hubbie in-between them!  HE quickly backed off so the Momma bear knew he wasn't a threat.  He's been around her before and she's been calm - no jaw smacking or huffing. A few minutes later another bear arrived which the Momma Bear quickly xhased off.

 She then ventured further down the creek with cubs in tow, crossed the road and met the creek on the other side.  She was looking for salmon I suspect but bears are funny - Salmon can be right infront of them but they won't even try for them but if they hear a salmon splash further down, they are off chasing that noisy salmon down.  Anyway, she bypassed at least 7 salmon in the creek and took her cubs up a tree instead.  We couldn't see what she was doing but could see the cubs up the tree :)
It's a lousy pic but you can see one cub up the tree - the others are obscured by foliage.

People have been busy near the glacier, building Cairns. 
It's really wonderful to see :)

And these yellow flowers that look like snap dragons are called Monkey Flowers :) 


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