Monday, August 2, 2010

A Black wolf killed; Was it our Romeo?

To listen to the Romeo video, you can turn off the music player at the bottom by hitting the round button.

MY hubbie and I would watch for Romeo every time we went out to the Mendenhall Glacier - spotting him crossing the frozen lake - my hubbie has seen him more than I have. There have been many pictures of Romeo posted in the paper - pics of him playing with family dogs and romping around near the groups of people out to visit the glacier. He was a friendly beauty and we hoped that it wasn't him when we found out that someone had killed a black wolf. .

First published May 25th, 2010 03:47 PM by the Associated press.

JUNEAU -- Juneau residents are wondering if a black wolf killed last fall is Romeo -- an unusually sociable black wolf that disappeared last September. Alaska State Troopers say 46-year-old Jeffrey Peacock of Lebanon, Pa., and 40-year-old Park Myers of Juneau are charged with the unlawful taking of big game animals.

Troopers say they found the wolf's hide in their investigation. Trooper spokeswoman Beth Ipsen says they do not know if it is Romeo.

Troopers say the men also were found to be operating an unlawful bear bait site north of Juneau along the road system.
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Photo is courtesy of Steve Quinn / the Associated Press.


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