Monday, July 26, 2010

Week-end Pics

This old tub floated up to shore recently.  Could have come from around here as there are many islands and when some of the mines shut down at the beginning of the last century, they left things where they were - to slowly decompose or rot,  or float, or get buried by the foliage.

Total litterbugs, those miners of old.

These small mushroom were growing about 4 feet up a tree.

Shaggy Mane Mushrooms

Within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, the borders of the cap begin to liquefy, and the entire cap is converted into a pool of inky black fluid, the origin of the common name "inky cap." Liquefied Coprinus comatus was used as writing ink in George Washington's day.

got that from wiki or somewhere....

These shaggy mushrooms are beautiful 

then we spotted these ones....

so we ammend that to....
these mushroom are beautiful
until they start to turn black.....and slimey....


double ew....

That is what they look like when they decompose.  This mushroom is edible believe it or not.  Eat before it looks like that though!
It will contribute a unique robust flavor to some of the tastiest wild-mushroom dishes, such as chicken Tetrazzini and shaggy mane cream soup. For the finest flavor it must be consumed before it begins to liquefy. Eating the dissolving mushroom is not harmful, but the cooked remnants will be slimy and less flavorful than those with solid flesh.


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