Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pics from the weekend


Hello all.

Nights here have been filled with shooting stars and aurora borealis (northern lights) I wish the movie I took of the aurora turned out so I could have shared the ribbons of light with you,  but alas.........

The last couple of days have been filled with sunshine and rainbows.  Really.
We were out at the Cowee Creek yesterday.  I took pics and stayed near the road because I am deathly afraid of grizzlies who frequent the area.  We see guys with rifles walking past us - and though we've got bear spray - which I thought would ease my mind, but not!  I was scared.  Anyway, I took these pics below near where the bridge crosses Cowee Creek.

This once was a Devils Club leaf measuring about 16 inches across - it's been eaten alive - the horror!  8-0

Below are very white fungi growing on the side of the tree trunk. 
Not sure what kind they are yet.

Sitka Black Tailed deer.  Look at those ears?  Later on, when you could just see only her head peaking out from behind the tall grass,  she could have been mistaken for the elusive Alaskan Kangaroo ;)
This is Cowee Creek. We could easily see the Pink Salmon or "humpies" as they are called (when they get old and turn.)  The water is a very pretty aqua color here.  Sometimes rather moonstone milky looking.


  1. Wonderful photos! You live in a magical place. I especially like the white fungi - but salmon in the creek - now that would be a real treat!

  2. Lovely pics.
    thanks for visit and comment! XO