Monday, August 16, 2010

The boggy walk at Eaglecrest

This weekend we went for a walk around the boggy area near the ski slopes at Eaglecrest.  
Alaska trails offer superb areas for hiking, biking and walking. 
The scenery and opportunity to observe wildlife are superior. Great mountains for steep hikes and alpine views or hidden coves and lakes for leisurely strolls and the ability to see wildlife no matter where you go.  (sounds like a travel commercial, doesn't it...)

This weekend we saw a bear, a great blue Heron perched in a tree, fish, porcupine, eagles and a red tailed hawk up close and personal - not to mention the fabulous scenery, flora and fauna.

This pretty little flower above, is no bigger than a pinky fingernail and is called Swamp Gentian or Gentiana Douglasiana.  It loves wet medows, boggy areas and sub alpine heights. 

Don't forget you can click on the images to see larger views.

In the subalpine areas where it's very wet, we often see these trees with twisted trunks.  I hope you can see it when you click on the image.   I do not know why the trunk twists like that.

What are these?  there are several red berry plants and bushes in the area.  This one is bunchberry or Dwarf Dogwood.  The plants start our with small dogwood flowers then the berries burst out - these also love wet medow and boggy areas.  The berries are sweet tasting but pulpy so they are not prized for the fruit.  
They grow in bunches - you might see them around the trees or up the trunk.  Really pretty.

This is a type of sedge - probably a many flower sedge or sharp sedge.  Very interesting looking.  the bulbous heads are harder than I thought.  We always see something new on our walks and hikes :)

Enjoy the week!  

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