Sunday, September 5, 2010

It was a dark and dreary day....

BUT, also a fun day :)
When it's dark and dreary like today, the glacier shows color - and it's the most beautiful shade of blue - it's hard to get the real color from a photo but you know how ice has that depth to it?
Here's a few pics. You can click on them to make them larger.

We also hiked up the hill behind the viewing center in hope of seeing bears or porcupines - or an elusive wolf pack but didn't see anything but a Harrier flying in the distance, and a porcupine hidden in the tall grass.

We also saw some intersting mushrooms. 
Did you ever see a green mushroom? 
Now you have :)

Please click on images for larger view.
The leaves are turning.....
2 tiny mushrooms - you can see they are smaller than a blade of grass.

and some pics of the "cinnamon-brown sugar" biscuits I made.....(don't drool on the puter, k?)



  1. How beautiful! What an incredible shade of blue!

    And the teensy-tiny mushrooms are ever so small!

    And please don't tempt me with those biscuits....I haven't had breakfast yet!

    Enjoyed it all! :0)

  2. Thank for stopping by and commenting, Jeanne - Hope you got yourself a good breakfast! Have a beautiful week.