Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wild Life Viewing

If you want to see Moose and you're near Northern Idaho, it's a short trip. The small towns of the panhandle are surrounded by hills and meadows, farmlands where Moose, Elk and Deer are seen every day. Just drive down any highway, side street or back road during dusk or dawn and you'll see plenty of deer. The Moose come into the outskirts of town and reside there at certain times of the year. We see the Elk mostly at Dusk or Twilight. 
There is a local resident who feeds Moose throughout the Winter and last year had a cow and calf visit everyday for snacks. 
Here are a few photographs :)

This fella did fatten up and become very healthy looking by the time end of summer rolled around.
He resides on the Coeur D"Alene trail near Kellogg in the summer.

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