Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hello, my wonderful friends!  Yes, I'm posting in the wee hours here - already morning in the eastern part of the USA so maybe you are up already.

We went out to the beach today (didn't plan to) But as we were driving to Costco, we saw beautiful waves with little white caps on the shallow water in the narrow inlet between Juneau and Douglas Island - which means, perhaps big waves further out, so we headed out to the wider part of the inlet huge waves :( It was so the time we went out to see the small tsunami that was supposed to hit Juneau area a few months ago and it was all of an extra 4 inches of water....not kidding. Not that we think tsunami's are great or anything but the chance to maybe view the water rising as it heads toward land was a 'must see'  
We did see a multitude of eagles and sea gulls at Sheep creek - and the ever so stinky array of dead salmon all over the sides of the creek. Gulls and Eagles fighting over putrid flesh - not very becoming of them but since the food train has slowed, I guess they have to get some while they can.  The CoHo are not in yet and I suspect they will not be in great numbers either.  
Here's some pics....I do have to apologize for the carpyness of them.  Battery died shortly after I took them.

Look, I found the SS Minnow!  Gilligan will be bummed, I'm sure....

Will post more later....
Have a fabulous week!

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