Sunday, September 19, 2010

To the Lake

Just some pictures of our day today.  We decided to walk around the lake for a change - no pics of the glacier today. hubby has a condition where he gets dizzy and could fall without notice and I've got a problem arm so I try to remember to have him on my good side so that in-case he falls, it isn't on my bad left arm - coz the pain would be so incredible, I don't know that I wouldn't scare every animal out of Alaska with my screams of agony :P
we're a pair! 
he was pretty dizzy but we managed to walk quite a way around the lake without falling into it :P 

And it was a gorgeous day again.  Very weird weather for here - it should be cold and there should be snow on the mountaintops.  Not complaining though :)

I think it's an alien pod..........I mean, it's so obvious, isn't it? but my hubby says, it's a shroom.  You decide ;)

A giant....beautiful tree.

The lake....some trees in the water, near the edge....which I always find kinda spooky because you know there's dead trees lurking under the water too, just waiting to snag you with their creepy limbs.

And this next picture.  A warning....and Please, if you are sensitive, 
DO NOT LOOK at the picture below....

the horror, 

the horror!!!!




Weird, eh?  looks like something just ate it's way in.....
I wonder if it's still in there??  8-0 

or maybe....

ate its way out???


it could have followed us home!

shhhh, did you hear that?


ok, it was just the fridge kicking in....


ok, where was I?  

oh ya.....

a few more pics...

 The path around the lake.

 People just park their planes there - so trusting!  I wouldn't park my plane there.  I mean, I don't have a plane but if I did, I wouldn't.......


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  1. Beautiful! A gorgeous lake. And that Alien Pod....I personally think something (or maybe someone) ate its way out! :0)