Sunday, September 4, 2011


The waxwings seem to like the fragrance of the Black Walnut tree. The shade too, I'm sure. 
The tree does smell limes. 
I go out to it and rub my hands on the fruits and the leaves just to keep some of the fragrance with me indoors.  It is intoxicating. 

The waxwings plumage (adult) is so smooth it looks painted on, doesn't it? It's gorgeous.

If you've ever been able to see the Cedar or Bohemian waxwing up close you'll probably have noticed the red tips on some of the feathers where the shaft extends....these tips look like they have been dipped in wax, hence the name, Waxwing.

Now, we're off to photograph more flora and fauna.  
Have a wonderful September!

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