Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beautiful dusk....

Gorgeous day summer!

We were out at the Glacier and Auck bay yesterday. Lots of sea lions, a whale or two and plenty of birds, Eagles, dippers, thrush, robin, and sea birds.
Caught a shot or 3 of an American Dipper in the creek near the glacier. They are really comical because they do that dipping dance, non stop.

We have not been on much here as we are making a move and so are packing and such but just wanted to check in and say "hi" to everyone and post a few pics.
Have a wonderful May! So far, ours has been beautiful :0)

1-Sunset over the Chilcot or Chilkat Mountains.    2- A very large group of Scoters on the ocean (they are a sea duck) 3- American Dipper. 4- the highway to Juneau.  5-  A Thrush.

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