Monday, February 21, 2011

Primeval sea monster?

"Nothing puts a damper on a serene afternoon's kayaking like the sight of a primeval sea monster.

That was the rude lesson for Tom Pickles and Sarah Harrington.... who'd taken their watercraft out on the foggy waters of Lake Windermere, only to encounter what appeared to be "an enormous snake" swimming by."

I don't know.  The pic could be of weird waves, or rocks sticking out of the water.  We see weird looking wave action on the ocean all the time - well, like the time I went running up the big cliff to get my camera to take pics of the pod of orcas or dolphins - we weren't sure - there were lots of people on the beach and hubby and I were "oooing" and "aaahing" loudly.  "Wow, what are they? ORCAS?!" "DOLPHINS!?

When I got back down the hill to the beach with the camera, my hubby had moved further away from the people.  I ran up to him all out of breath and asked why he moved and he said,  "canaries"

ok, I'll explain.....

Canaries refers to the time, years ago (at our home in Colorado) when we first became very passionate about birds.  Yep, bird watching!  I know, sounds lame but honestly, once you get into chasing them down and photographing them, it's a lot of fun.  anywhooo, back to the canary comment - well, one day, we heard the most beautiful bird song out in the front yard.  We looked up and around and it seemed as though the sound was coming from up the culdesac a little ways so we went running in bare feet past all the neighbors houses, all excited, yaddering on about the beautiful bird song - "where's the bird?" "Sounds nothing like we've heard around here...oooo, something exotic?" we kept talking while we scanned the trees in every yard.  

Meanwhile, a neighbor was moving about in his front yard doing some work - I noticed he'd looked at us funny a couple of times while we were scanning the trees - he eventually went back into his  house. I didn't think anything of his funny looks until I saw the birds.
A cage of canaries sitting on the guys sidewalk, getting sunshine...

man, were our faces red....we ran back into our house and laughed until our sides hurt.  So embarrassed!

so, ya....back to the beach....the orcas or dolphins were actually a group of large rocks sticking out of the ocean.

We're sure anyone who sees us now just takes pity on us, probably calls us the "mental couple" 

At least they get a good laugh, right?  laughter is the best medicine and we get plenty of that too.

Have a wonderful holiday Monday!


  1. Funny story... The American Goldfinch does have a pretty song, but not like the domestic cousin. :0)
    I'm from Colorado originally and will be moving back later this year.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jeanne. We thought about going back to Colorado but some place new, like Washington, is looking pretty good to a couple of photography nuts.