Sunday, February 6, 2011

Picture set

Hi Friends - I haven't posted in a while but really wanted to! We've been busy plus I've gotten all turned around.  Can't seem to get to sleep before the wee hours and then waking up late which is terrible!  

I know some of you are suffering through horrid weather - Hugs to you,  and stay warm! We've had a mixed bag of weather here. Rain, snow, sunshine, and the northern lights have been visible apparently but we've missed them. 
Anywho, these are the latest pictures below.  I really wanted to get out on that frozen lake but the ice just didn't look thick enough : P

That last photo deserves a warning, I guess.  We went to the beach and soaked in what little sunshine we could.  Here in Alaska, Vitamin D deficiency is a prob, but anyway, back to the last pic. Whatever it was laying there - what animal do you think it was?  I think a sea lion or seal. 
So, it died there, or perhaps the bones floated ashore? hmm...would a skeleton stay together long enough in the water to float ashore in one piece?  My thoughts are that it was attacked by Orca's and left to die near the shore and floated in,  but who knows?  Taking a pic was prolly morbid in some eyes, but just about everything interests me so I snapped away. 
Wishing you all warmth and sunshine.
Have a great week, everyone :)


  1. Great photos! They are so clear & crisp. My fav is the frosty third one from the top. I think you are correct about the skeleton - a seal or seal lion.

  2. Such gorgeous photogrpahy...epic beauty..thanks for sharing nature's magic! Blessings to the spirit of the skeleton whatever it once was..!

  3. These photos amaze me. So beautiful.
    Hope you're able to catch some winks :)

  4. Thanks for your comments! I'm happy someone else enjoys these views of my world.