Thursday, January 6, 2011

Great article

This is a good article that explains well the dangers of walking on the frozen glacial lakes.We do walk out on the frozen lake but only when we know the ice is solid.  We may think twice about going up to the face of the glacier.  We'll likely, if we can manage, try access from the area besides the glacier - if we can get there!
Allure of Mendenhall Glacier masks the dangers of its face
"The majestic beauty of the Mendenhall Glacier is a popular attraction for tourists in the summer and locals in the winter, but that beauty masks the incredible danger for those who venture out onto the frozen Mendenhall Lake.
“Every year I think it is really important to remind the public how dangerous it is to walk on the ice and what the potential for trouble is,” Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center interpreter Laurie Craig said on Sunday as she looked out over a virtual winter wonderland of ice and snow. “On a cold sunny day it is just so enticing.”
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  1. Interesting article. I used to go ice fishing with my Dad in the winter (I grew up in the mountains of Colorado). We were always ever so cautious about going out on the ice....