Friday, October 22, 2010

Here's my skeery story for the week....

In keeping with the upcoming holiday, I wanted to post this skeery story - it's not my story but similar to one I read ages ago. Anywho, 

The legend goes like this - In the dark ages, in an area of England, on the moors, it is said there were hundreds of vampires luring young folk in and killing them - so many, that the people of the local town feared the vampires would take over and humans would cease to exist.
So, they got together and devised a plan to kill the vampires.  Over a three day period, they made hundreds of stakes and only the strongest of the men set out for the moors to wage war on these creatures.
The battle was fought hard and many men were bitten and killed (and had to be staked before they awoke as vampires) but the rest of them succeeded in killing all the vampires. 
At that time, it was known that you had to leave the dead vampires where they lay and allow the earth to bury them, no matter how long it took or how terrifying it was to see these staked corpses strewn all over the ground. You were never to pull the stakes out of the ground because it would release the vampires from death and they would become more menacing than ever.

Well, hundreds of years later, people from outside ask why there are so many stakes protruding from the earth in this area - and they are told the story to be made aware of the consequences of removal.
Just recently, someone who had wandered through there one night became so terrified, they ran screaming into the local Church and could not be calmed down for quite some time and when the Priest was finally able to ask the young man what scared him so, with a voice still shaking with fear, he told the Priest he was wandering the moors when a thick mist came up - so thick, he could not see at all and ended up stumbling and nearly knocking one of the stakes from its hold -  and as he lay there, his heart pounding, he heard a whisper that seemed to come from deep within the ground......
"You pull...
I'll push"


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  1. What a perfectly creepy story! It'd be perfect to tell around the campfire on a foggy night! :0)