Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Polar Bears

Polar Bears are excellent swimmers. they have webbed paws and can swim for hours...some suspect, even days. The fave food of Polar Bears is seals...but will eat just about anything.
Great Photo's here.
Polar bears have been around for 100,000 years, surviving much warmer temperatures before the last ice age. Population estimates are subject to huge and unknowable uncertainties. Native groups say there are more than there were several decades ago.
Though polar bears are uniquely adapted to the Arctic region, they are not wedded solely to its coldest parts nor are they restricted to a specific Arctic diet. They will eat anything they find that's edible. Aside from a variety of seals, they eat fish, kelp, caribou, ducks, sea birds and scavenged whale and walrus carcasses. Arctic air temperatures were as high as present temperatures in the 1930s - and polar bears survived!

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